Thursday, October 13, 2005


     I really _had_ to add this section to my program.  Perhaps sub-consciously I was avoiding it.  At one level, I was encouraged to find out to find out the database design for this section was a lot easier than I earlier imagined.  I don't expect much trouble at all integrating this at each phase where it might be necessary (ooh, just had a good though, brb).  OK, so, freak it all, I still have more work to do.  Like I said, I have a tester who has tested my code professionally before (as part of a succesful project, I might add).  But as I add these two (one half done, one I am discussing today) features, I find I must push back the delivery date. 

     Now, since no one is (yet) paying me, or has established a deadline, I don't feel too terribly bad.

     But the point of the program is to make me the person who exceeded all others in service to humanity.

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