Friday, October 14, 2005

Pro Bush Post
  • The CO who was responsible for picking the guys to "chat" with Bush would have been handed their *sses on a platter if they had chosen anyone less patriotic than Captain America or Harriet Miers.  If you expected tough questioning, you were watching the wrong channel.
  • Former Democrat Rep Frank Ballance (NC-1) (2002-2004) was sentenced to 4 years in prison for bilking the charity he set up of millions.
  • It looks like Harriet Meirs wrote this, which doesn't sound retarded at all.
  • So far Bush has not gotten the United States in a simultaneous war with China and Russia.

     Other news today can only be seen to be pro-Bush if you think America should have a clandestine secret service run by a clandestine agent, Pentagon wanting new spy powers, and all the sycophantic letters from Meirs to then Governor GW Bush of Texas(*) and a report by a mainstream journalist linked terror alerts and bad political news count as "pro-Bush."

     (*) Quotes include "Texas is Blessed", "You and Laura are the Greatest!" and "You are the best Governor ever" and, from Bush "P.S. No more public scatology."

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