Saturday, February 07, 2004

Daniel Pipes Needs to Be Marched Out of the Public Sphere
Dr. Daniel Pipes believes that if you give Palestinians anything, they will always want more, and, in fact, will always want all of Israel (he listed Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, the main cities and capital of Israel). Dr. Daniel Pipes said, if asked, he would say that the Palestinians have been ruined, as far as any possibilty of peace, before 2030 or 2035, 25-30 years from now. The average age in Palestine is around sixteen. Perhaps ninety percent of the population is under thirty. Considering that the U.S. President must be thirty-five, we can only assume that Dr. Pipes assumes that every Palestinian over the age of 9 is a one hundred percent lost cause for any possible nation founding role. Every Palestinian over the age of nine. Every Palestinian over the age of nine, in the eyes of Dr. Pipes, is irreconcilable with the existence of Israel.

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