Thursday, February 05, 2004

Kudos to Senator Dorgan
Thanks for injecting the truth about the aluminum tubes into the record. America has people who enrich uranium. Our experts, at Oak Ridge Nat'l Laboratories, say it is impossible for those tubes to be used for enrichment. Even if the Iraqis had tried, they would have failed with those tubes. Yet, Tenet and Powell asserted that "most scientists" agree with they were for an atom bomb program. Scientist Houston Wood of Oak Ridge National Laboratories, in fact, asserts that he doesn't know a single scientist alive, or anyone in academia, who agrees with Tenet and Powell. Senator Kyl instantly begins arguing from authority, a logical fallacy. Senator Kyl tries to dissemble. "Intelligence is complex." Senator Kyl begins trying to push the argument that we went to war for a U.N. resolution, when his party, himself, and especially the President, have done everything in their power to insult, deride and generally abuse the United Nations. Shameless, shameless, shameless. Senator Kyl is an ultra-conservative, who has never voted for the United Nations, and certainly would never thank them for disarming Saddam Hussein. Even though well over 50% of Senator Dorgan's argument was about specific claims by Tenet and Powell concerning aluminum tubes, Senator Kyl doesn't mention that at all. Senator Kyl is just a monster, accusing our side of ignoring the totality of evidence. The totality of evidence, the mountains of totally shoddy material that was the basis of the Iraq War is exactly what had to be examined for the truth to be seen. Perhaps Senator Kyl is just not smart enough to understand these things.

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