Wednesday, February 18, 2004

For a long time in this blog, for reason of being ignorant, I have said things about Bush and his economic policies which I now know not to be true, and that, in fact, I had it backwards. Bush, if left to his own devices, would probably not will crappy tax cuts on America. The only possible explanation, therefore, is that someone he is listening to is a fascist, or an idiot. His tax cuts have been fascist inspired, even if somehow cleverly hedged with numerically pleasing sounding trimmings. All the mathematically precise hedging only further entrenched in my mind that the fascists knew they were fascists, and were trying to hide it, the best they could. I apologize to the President for not understanding, and I think he should understand how I got it wrong. Then get a new Cabinet :p How do I know now? Thanks to Ron Suskind, Paul O'Neill and J. Brad Delong. Suskind and O'Neill have written a book, The Price of Loyalty, that I should buy and read.

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