Monday, February 02, 2004

Lord Hutton on Short List
This is fucking surreal. President Bush gets us into a bogus war, and when confronted, gets to personally appoint the people investigation. Bush-fawners, CNN, repeat David Kay's claim that "we were all wrong." That's a lie. Many inside the intelligence community were speaking the truth. Doug Feith, and the DoD (congressionally funded?) secret Office of Special Plans, were pushing the lies. Scott Ritter was in no way wrong. But loser, partisan, slimy David Kay, or at least CNN's cut of Kay's comments, makes us all out to be wrong. Folks, I left my $180K/year job the day this monstrosity broke the fuck out. I wasn't wrong, David Kay and CNN. The Presidents case ignored numerous facts on record. The dutiful press ignored the same facts.

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