Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Haiti's New Government
Remember when people tried to warn you how bad the warlords in Afghanistan were? Remember when they said that Iraq wouldn't just run out and become a Democracy overnight? Well, this is the gang of "humans" that the US is backing in Haiti...
Pasteur Luc Mesadieu, a Protestant fundamentalist, Gerard Pierre Charles, ex-communist turned chief bourgeois ideologue, Serge Gilles, long-time representative for French political interests in Haiti, Evans Paul, former mayor of Port-au-Prince whose party the FNCD Aristide cut out of his cabinet in 1991, Victor Benoit, an ex radio personality and perennial political lightweight with no clear positions, but who "shows up" at every new "initiative," Hubert de Roncerey, Baby Doc's Minister of Social Affairs who in that capacity acted as slave-trader for the Dominican cane plantations, and fellow Duvalierist, Reynold George, a man widely believed here to have been involved in drug trafficking.
From Stan Goff, thanks to CounterPunch.

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