Monday, February 09, 2004

Red Hands Stain Robes
People have stretched their dutiful personaes to include glancing at the other earthling's documents. Recent Republican staffers, on the Judiciary Committee, managed to save a copy of 1000s of Democrat memos that Democrat staffers were tardy in securing. Allegations by, seemingly naive, staffer Miranda, include that the Democrat memos show quid pro quos with certain interest groups and Democratic Senators. To think that the amount of Republican money traded this way isn't far larger is, of course, a laughable notion. But only one side has anyone crowing about proof (note: the web page rendered badly on my machine, look to the right for the article). Considering the source, the National Review of the Leaked Feith Memo shame, it is likely this is a baseless political move. But we may have an honest zealot who is trying to point out a fire in the Democrat camp while the nuclear conflagaration in his own backyard goes unnoticed by him. Don't believe your own hype!

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