Monday, February 02, 2004

Misinformation From Josh Bolten, White House OMB Director
Let's face it, making political payoffs look like sound budget policy is the same as dressing up shit with roses. Let's take a look at those roses. The OMB Director was asked about roads & bridges funding. Recent studies have shown that America's bridges are really in terrible shape. Well, I don't hear about them falling down, but they need a lot of repairs (and I'd wager we'd save money by repairing them before it gets too late, in many cases). Mr. Bolten replies that the next six years should have an average increase of 21% over the last six year average. Let's ignore Bolten talking about budgets over which he shall have no control, i.e. the 2006 and beyond budgets, and just look at transportation funding over as many previous years as we can find. I'm still waiting for to cough up the budget, since right now the office White House web site gives me a not found.

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