Thursday, February 05, 2004

Tenet, after all, is CIA
Tenet quotes someone else to lie to us. Mr. Tenet explains that he had a report that said that, at a meeting of high ranking officials, they said they believed they could continue their nuclear program while the U.N. inspectors were in country. This is a lie Tenet knows is a lie, and that is why he reads it from a report that crossed his desk, in the fall of 2002. Uranium enrichment is a requirement, unless they buy enriched uranium. Enrichment is 100% detectable during UN inspections, and Tenet would have known this. Mr. Tenet claims, at the time, that the report was attributed to a reliable CIA source, but that this attribution is wrong. Who misidentified it? Was the report ever correctly attributed in time? If this report had been widely disseminated, it would have quickly been identified as flawed. He cites another report after this one, but I was typing this. As Senator Warner has said "Thank g-d they weren't there to hurt our troops." Please pardon my rare respect for other people's religions.

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