Monday, December 20, 2004

Bush's Corporatist Lies

     I don't consider myself to be anti-immigration.  However, I don't believe in an unregulated border.

     Bush, the enfant terrible of US politics, claims that he has no real interest in stopping "good-hearted" immigrants who want to come to this country to do jobs that Americans "will not do."  He repeated this claim, that Americans "will not do" jobs, over and over.  Let's examine this idiotic claim.

     Would you pick vegetables on a farm for four hundred thousand dollars per year?  Unless you couldn't move to the farm for some legal or personal reason, I suspect you would.  I certainly would.  Now, as long as the job isn't fatal or really debilitating, I'd do it for that kind of money.  Bush's corporatist lie that Americans won't do certain jobs has a reality, namely, that Americans won't do those jobs at the tiny wages that seem large to immigrants.  Similarly, if illegal immigration wasn't so easy, farms and other places would have to pay more, so Americans would do those jobs.

     Bush should never be ashamed of his proud Corporate Stoogehood.

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