Sunday, December 26, 2004

News to feel good about

     Remember Uruguay?  They had elections a few months ago and a leftist party won a majority for the first time in 124 years.  Vasquez will be sworn in March 1, 2005.

     Those rascally leftists are at it again.  Now, in Bolivia, duped by clever Soviet propaganda, another nation have falled into the fold of the Communist Menace.  Doing the bidding of their Kremlin-controllers, the Bolivians are going ahead with plans to nationalize their natural gas.

     Cheery seasons wishes to the summering folk on the other side of the Equator.  Remain Calm blog believes in a certain amount of nationalization.  Especially when it comes to extractive industries.  Of course, this just makes it harder on the people, since they must be even more wary of greedy types trying to get elected. 

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