Friday, December 24, 2004

A Gentle Hand

     Pardon in advance for the actual people who are referenced in this post, no identities are going to be revealed.

     I met a conservative, online, last night.  In the channel, someone else mentioned a foreign gov't's own audit of their Armed Forces.  I quickly mentioned how the Pentagon is happy when its self-audit is only USD 1,000,000,000,000.00 (1 trillion) dollars off.

     Then I brought up an old analogy of mine.  Namely, what if Aliens came to Earth and told all the governments that they need to disarm, or they will be (individually) destroyed.

     With almost no hesitation, Mr. Conservative said he'd refuse to disarm.  I said that the Aliens wouldn't even bother landing if we didn't.  He said he didn't want to be enslaved.  I argued that they'd promised nothing would happen if we went along.  He said we had no reason to believe them, and we ought to fight to the death.  I tried to explain that they could launch their weapons from space, and so we'd never even really have a chance to fight back.  That, if the infrastructure were intact, it would be easier to re-arm, if the Aliens went back on their word.

     This same person believed 1)Saddam had prevented the inspectors from inspecting Iraq 2)didn't know about the Duelfer Report, nor its conclusions 3)alleged Saddam had been "becoming hostile" before the war, and, repeatedly, 4)that any reasonable person would have concluded Saddam had WMD.

     Saddam's loyal forces might have been reading this conservative's mind.  The right-wing is fighting its own kind, over in Iraq.

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