Sunday, December 26, 2004

War Stories

     Emphasis on "stories."  While the commanders in/near Mosul are confused, attributing the attack to possibly someone in the Iraqi Security Forces (US General), not someone in the Iraqi National Guard (Iraqi General), to Ansar al-Sunna, the drum-beaters on Syria are pumping overtime.

     Al-Jazeera is working with a Jerusalem Post article suggesting that incursions into Syria are in the planning phase.  Stupid fascist, anti-arab-bigot Michael Ledeen has an article which I hope to shred above, here.

     YankeeDoodle has a link to this peice, which asserts that the Soviets were really only minutes away from winning in Afghanistan, until they pulled out.  The author of this going-to-be-bandied-about-on-the-right peice is debunked by YD, because the author asserts "Kabul's staunchly pro-Soviet regime led by President Najibullah remained in power for the next three years. The regime's durability represented a notable success for the Soviet war effort" while YD notes "Until the Kabul fell to the Taliban, Najibullah’s regime controlled a steadily shrinking perimeter of Afghan territory until only Kabul remained in government hands. The rest of the country was controlled by insurgents, Taliban forces or murderous warlords."

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