Sunday, December 05, 2004

Putin != Poodle

     Vlad Putin of Russia and G Bush of America became closer after the bombing at Beslan.  A poll, released soon after, found Russia (alone among 10 nations) supporting America.  If I may be blunt, Putin recognized his efforts in Chechnya (between him and Yeltsin have killed ~100,000, mostly innocent, Chechens) now could be more easily put in the context of Bush's Int'l War On Some Asymmetric Warfare Tactics(IWOSAWT), which helps his domestic popularity.

     However, Putin then found Bush meddling in Ukraine (if they were meddling here, that'd be illegal, hence the "some" in IWOSAWT) and decided to be a little blunt himself, from Xinhua.

Attempts to restructure various civilizations already in existence unilaterally is the most dangerous thing.
And, I think you will agree with me, never in the history of human dictatorship, and moreover international affairs, has this resolved, could this resolve, such a problem.  Even if this dictatorship is packaged in beautiful democratic phraseology, it will not be able to solve systemic problems. On the contrary, it will only make them worse.

     Putin did this as part of a trip through India, who had been a constant Cold War ally of the Soviet Union, and then on to Turkey, which had been a close US ally until the start of the Bush Iraq War.

NOTE: I used ~ to mean "approximately" and != to mean "not equal to" in this post

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