Saturday, December 11, 2004

More God Per Hour Than Operation Blitzkrieg Freedom

     Ivory Coast on your radar?  Sure, some french troops were shot at (9 or so) which justified a lot more military action, which has the right foaming at the mouth about French NeoColonialism.  That "Other View" from the Chicago Sun-Times says the French illegally attacked the Ivory Coast with UN permission.  See below for more on that clown.  Anyway, the French bombed some airplanes, the Conservatives were up in arms about UN hypocrisy, and what do the French say?  The French Canard Enchaine has this, which I can't directly link to, so I will quote in full from's Duck Files

This week's Canard has a short item about the close relationship between Ivory Coast's leader Laurent Gbagbo and their religious guru Moïse Koré and the state of Israël. Gbagbo and his wife Simone are devout members of the American Protestant Church, the Four Square Gospel, and believe strongly that the jewish people will convert to christianity at the second coming of Christ.

This close tie to their religious leader might explain for example why Israeli agents were spotted in Anti-French demonstrations in Abidjan and why Israeli Drones were spotted in the skies before military attacks against Northern Rebel forces. The Gbagbo's guru, Moïse, often travels to the United-States and Israël and has provided them an opportunity to initiate a new cooperation that has the raised the ire of the French Government who's troops are trying to maintain peace between Rebel Forces and the Gbagbo Government.

NOTE on Jeremy Levitt.

     I knew a little digging would show this guy for a partisan hack.  From MarriedDebate blog

Jeremy Levitt, a professor of law at DePaul University, said the shift by older African Americans could be a response to what is "arguably a failure of the Democratic Party agenda to uplift the African-American community."
"These are also individuals who actively participated in the civil rights movement and tend to have a higher level of patriotism than the 19- to 25-year-olds. But these stats are interesting because blacks were in the Republican Party until the 1940s. This 51-64 category grew up in households where their parents were members of the Republican Party," he said.
"Blacks are conservative. So when you look at the same-sex marriage, death penalty, school choice, prayer in school and the list goes on, you'll find we subscribe to a conservative doctrine. The only reason why we don't have 20 percent and above figure for blacks in the Republican Party is because the Republican Party has not been able to wash away the perceived stain of white supremacy."
  No real stain, move along, nothing to see here. 
NOTE: The title of this post refers to the new Operation Lightning Freedom in Iraq.  Lightning was what the Nazis called their attacks.  I know, I'm stretching it a bit.  Operation Positronic Freedom?  Operation Neutrino Release?
UPDATE:  It is possible that the French allegations of Israeli involvement at the military level were pure fabrication.  Israel had been selling arms to the Ivoirians, and promised to stop immediately, and swore they had nothing to do with it.
UPDATE: Jeremy Levitt's eye on Africa is not at all partisan, even if his politics at home are stupid as shit.  See this intelligent peice called "Conflict Prevention Management, and Resolution: Africa -- Regional Strategies for the Prevention of Displacement and Protection of Displaced Persons: The Cases of the OAU, ECOWAS, SADC, and IGAD".  ECOWOG is the military arm of ECOWAS.  Human Rights Watch has said nice things about them.  However, the article might be not-so-good, as I found this dubious line "A successful rebel movement is responsible for illegal acts committed by its forces during the conflict and assumes responsibility for the wrongful acts of the State" and cites the US Claims Tribunal against Iran as proof, which also happens to appear to be heavily laden with "takings" theory.  Sorry, this got a little long.  Levitt is anti-UN, but at least partially reasonable in his critique.

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