Tuesday, December 07, 2004

More Crappy NY Times Reporting

     NY Times story headline reads "U.S. Students Fare Badly in International Survey of Math Skills" which is true in the sense that the US fared badly in every category of the international survey, which included math.

     That it also happened to include science, reading comprehension, and problem solving was missing from the "paper of record's" report.  You won't find the word "science" mentioned in the NY Times version of events.  Per usual, according to this OECD organized test called PISA, Finland came out tops overall, although the NY Times mentions them second, after Hong Kong.  Why would the NY Times list the first place winner second?  Why would the NY Times claim it was mainly "math skills" that the US sucks at?  You do the math (unless you are an American).

     For completeness, I link to the shameless "Keep America ignorant!" NY Times version.

     A big FUCK YOU to Art Sulzberger, Jr.


     Get ready to laugh, CBS News screws up this story in the other direction, claiming Finns are best in math with this headline "Finns World's Math Mavens".  I will repeat slowly, in case any Bush supporters are reading.  The Finns came out on top in three of four categories, and came in 2nd in math, placing them first overall.


     Here is a link to the full results.  Thanks DoDo!

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