Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Miscik, Wack

     When?  When did Jami Miscik come forward and be "upfront" about the Iraq war mistakes?  I am one of the people who refuses to believe that an educated person could have looked at the pre-war intelligence and came away thinking anything but "We should probably shoot Chalabi."  I know the President was lying, or told to lie, when he discusses the "unaccounted" for stockpiles.  Even a chemical and biological weapons SCRUB could have told you the stockpiles in question would be worthless sludge by 2002, but I am supposed to believe that this eluded the US intelligence services?  No, all "evidence" of WMD in Iraq came from reports of liars, and Bu$hCo had decided in advance to have the war.

     Now this article from the Indianapolis Times, in a story repeated elsewhere, that Jami Miscik, head of the Analytics department, is retiring, supposedly as part of the "Goss-is-a-partisan-idiot" shakeup.  The article claims

But Miscik also has been praised for owning up to problems in the agency's analysis branch and for pushing for broad changes over the past year to fix problems that plagued the agency in its work on Iraq.

     Remember Tenet's Feb 4th speech at Georgetown?  Search for "Several sensitive reports crossed my desk from two sources characterized by our foreign partners as 'established and reliable.'"  The analysts, all of them, apparently _MISSED_ the fact that on the reports they said they were from people known shitbags.  Further down in the Tenet speech "For example, we recently discovered that relevant analysts in the community missed a notice that identified a source we had cited as providing information that, in some cases was unreliable, and in other cases was fabricated. We have acknowledged this mistake."  I don't know, outside of this speech, where Tenet acknowledged this mistake, making that a very crafty use of the past tense.  But when the hell has Miscik acknowledged anything?

     Look for Miscik to become rich, earning speaking fees from neo-con-friendly mega-corporations.

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