Saturday, December 25, 2004

Tidbits, WARNING style
  • New Forest Anarchy, signed by Bush this week.  <mock>Couldn't really call them "Rules," could I?</mock>
  • Governor Rowland of Conntecticutt pleads guilty.  <mock>FOX News to run story on how this vindicates Rowland, and Republicans in general</mock>
  • President Stupid's debate Pell Grant lies are made more obvious.
  • Official Army Historian of the Iraq campaign says top Army commanders evinced "stunted learning and a reluctance to adapt".  This is too sad to mock.  Smart people are the ones who should be in charge of the big guns, not those who are simply loyal.
  • Nature takes a dump on Texas.  <mock>Locals delighted God has blessed them with snow for Jesus's birthday, just like they have in Bethlehem (Beit Lahm).</mock>
  • California conservative group ends legal arguments by saying gays "inherently unfit" to be married.  <mock>When asked for proof, they said it was "intuitively obvious."</mock>

     Looking at the news, I'd say the thing the Bush administration was trying to get away with was the new logging rules.  Rowland's admission of guilt is far too personal, but the RNC probably didn't discourage him from declaring his guilt today.  I wonder if the Army Historian thought this was a present?  Again, great timing for Bu$hCo.

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