Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bait And Switch, Our Trillions Robbed by Bu$hCo

     The Social Security trustees calculate costs for the next 75 years based on certain assumptions.  Perhaps the most critical assumption is the rate of economic growth.  The Bu$hCo Social Security Commision Privateers rely on a rate of stock market profits.  The Privateers project 6.5% above inflation, annual return on the stock market.  This, in turn, implies a certain amount of GDP growth.  More growth, in fact, than is allowed for one when the Social Security trustees calculate the 75 year deficit of Social Security.

     The Bu$hCo hypocrites have one set of numbers for themselves, and another set for everyone else.

     Spread the word.  Thanks to J. Brad De Long's explanations, and I have no reason to slight Kinsley's proof .

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