Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraq Election Setup #1 and Failure #1

     Setting the stage.  When Bu$hCo liars want to fool you, they often will often make the possible seem inevitable.  Does Bush really look forward to working closely with Congress in a bipartisan way?  Of course its possible, if Bush has had a preventive lobotomy.  In any event, Bush looks forward to uniting the country, working with Congress, doing a whole host of things that aren't bloody fucking likely at all.

     Not surprisingly, the current Prime Minister, CIA-backed Terrorist Allawi, has handlers pushing the same scheme.  Today, Allawi is acting like he was already elected.  "Starting from today I will begin a new national dialogue to insure that the voices of all Iraqis are present in the coming government."  Was he elected to anything?  He sure acts like the vote counting process is in crooked, pro-Allawi hands.

     Perhaps Iraq Election Fraud #1 is relatively small, after all, the futures of 20 million people might, in some small sense where American dictation is not in play, be at stake.  In any event...

     If I were going to rig the vote, I'd sure not want any preliminary count, do you know what I mean?

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