Saturday, January 15, 2005

More Middle East Peace

     In the words of an Ariel Sharon spokesperson, as reported in Wired News, "Israel is severing all planned contacts with the Palestinians on all levels, from security to government leadership[.]" as a result of a single attack.  The New Palestinian leader, known as Abu Mazen, hasn't even been sworn in.  The spokesperson is also quoted as saying "Everything is canceled until they [the Palestinians] take steps against terror, so we can see there is not only talk but also action."  The spokesperson also alleged that Abu Mazen "knows who carried out the attack, so he will be the one to stop them. It's very simple."

     The people who carried out the attack are dead. 

     This reminds me of a previous post of mine, where I explained why they told Polish jokes, when in fact the Poles helped end the Dark Ages and Soviet tyranny.  Polish jokes were told because, back in the 1500s, perhaps as many as 1,000 people had veto power over decress of the King, and nothing got done.  The Israeli government is far, far stupider.  They have given every Palestinian capable of engaging in an attack the power to veto the peace process. 

     Perhaps things are different in Israel, but here in America, the Jewish people take education very seriously, and outsider status (already conferred on intellectuals, see: high school), is often parlayed into intellectual success.  Especially in light of comments Dov Weisglas, I think the only just action for my country, America, is to sever all relations with Israel.

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