Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Drat! Mark Thatcher (Maggie's Kid) Avoids Jail

     When Robert Mugabe announced he had foiled a coup to overthrow another African nation, most of the world called him loony.  I don't know how many likely-to-succeed coup attempts have ever been stopped, but this one was a doozy.  Jack Straw knew about it, but was happy to let the racist ex-South African military forces do away with an African sitting on oil reserves.  Oh yes, there is plenty of oil involved.

     How did coup-financier, bigot and fuck, Mark Thatcher, son of right-wing heroine, Margerat Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England, avoid jail time for his role?  We may never know.  Congratz to the Telegraph, UK for this engaging write-up. 

  • InstaPundit, No coverage of this story ever (Indeed, he's stopped enough coups himself)
  • Little Green Fucktards, no coverage ever (He's busy saving our troops in Iraq)
  • National Review Online? No coverage ever (Busy keeping those home fires of hatred burning)
  • Benador Associates (Neo-Con NewsWire) ...nada!
  • NewsMax... NOTHING! One story, avoids implicating Thatcher.
  • WorldNetDaily? Not a peep!

     That was fun.  I had no idea when I started looking that I wouldn't find a single story about this in any of those sources.  Generally I googled for "mugabe coup" and "thatcher coup" and "mark thatcher".

     I wonder if they'll try to sneak something in.  Gaw!  I'll start saving searches now.


     I went through and saved all the google results for the three above terms and "guinea coup" for all six sites.

     Turns out that NewsMax did have one story on this.  The story, run back in August, is a direct copy of the AP peice.  It is somewhat fair, but allows for the possibility that Thatcher was innocent.  I wonder why it is at


     I only ran one peice on the story (here), and I do a more colorful, and informative, job than NewsMax :)


     I decided to check around and realized that I had neglected and  Town Hall has two stories, one of which reveals a US angle in the whole plot.  Well, the plane carrying the mercs had been sold by an American company to the South Africans only days before.  Which company?  I don't know.  Here and here are the only two I could find at Townhall.  Both are from when the arrests were first made (back in March, 2004), and both tend to point to Mugabe as being a loon.  Townhall never mentions Mark Thatcher in connection with the allegations.

     For its part, Free Republic has a few stories.  The first two are ripped right from Townhall, so I won't repeat them, but this one goes further than even TownHall in calling the whole thing a fraud.  User OldGuardChampion is probably actually just that, saying he is "I am surprised that they were not shot out of hand and that this report ever made a headline anywhere."  FreeRepublic has one story which encourages the very nice person, Mark Thatcher to cop a plea to avoid jail time so he can come to America. 


     When the child of an important right-winger is implicated in being a greedy, racist murderous motherfucker, the right wing closes its eyes.  When an official enemy (Mugabe, whose country, Zimbabwe, still has over 75% of the arable land being owned by a few thousands of European descendants farmers (as of this date, it is far less than 75% now, probably more like 20%, but I don't have data)) helps stop a coup?  It simply didn't happen.

     Please don't let Mark Thatcher, the greedy, murderous fucktard, come to America.

UPDATE 4: The administration of George Walker Bush, which I regularly criticize here at Remain Calm, blocked the attempts of Mark Thatcher to come to America.  One of only a few decent things I think they've done.

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