Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blogging Around

     I found, via a philosophy dept. blog at the University of Singapore a link to some philosophy "tests."

     I took the morality tests.  They put respondents on two dimensions, which results in four quadrants, plus neutral.  I got 0.00 for Interference and 1.00 for Universality. I at the extreme of the quadrant known as "Personal Morality."  1.00 for Interference and Universality is called "Fully Moralizing."  0.00 for Universality and 1.00 for Inteference is "Enforceable-Conventional", and 0.00 for both is "Fully Permissive"

     The results claimed "There was no inconsistency in the way that you responded to the questions in this activity." which pleases me, except of course I know, by Gödel's proof that I am necessarily at most complete or consistent, but not both.

     Have fun with the tests here

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