Friday, January 21, 2005

Uninsularizing Blogs

     I have been reading some newer blogs of very religious, Orthodox and/or Hasidic Jews for the last couple of days.  What are Hasid?  Reading this shows I didn't know, either.  Usually I think of a the very religious Jew who wears black (an E. European tradition) and closely follows a Rabbi, living or recently living.  They are said to be as insular as the Amish.  I suppose I get something out of the exchange in part because I was raised Jewish, even if I now consider all religions problematic lies.

     What will you find?  Well, a lot of Yiddish(a German langauge) and Hebrew words dashed in with the English.  Frum means Orthodox, basically.  MO is Modern Orthodox.  Chabad Lubavitch is the largest single group within the Hasid.  The central Rabbi of Lubavitch (Luh-BUH-vitch) died not so long ago.  None of them say it, but he was their Messiah.  Kefirah is heresy.

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