Monday, January 03, 2005

Democrat Representative Matsui Passes

     An intelligent, experienced Democrat Representative, Matsui of California, died this week.  He was going to be one of the main assets for the Democrats in the upcoming Social Security debate.  You won't catch the Mainly Stupid Media quoting Matsui talking about this, available via (search for Matsui)...

Problems with the Social Security system are manageable and not as dire as in 1983, said Matsui, who was a member of a commission established by then-President Ronald Reagan to recommend ways to close the funding gap.

     Not as dire as 1983, that's right.

     Reminds me of my theory on the 107th Congress and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  In the weeks between the start of Session in Congress and the inauguration of the new President, committee memberships were hashed out by the Rules Committee.  Seven Democrats were assigned to the House Committee which has oversight of intelligence, that most abused of Government features.  In order of seniority on the committee...

  1. Julian Dixon, died before Cmte met
  2. Norm Sissiky, died before Cmte met
  3. Gary Condit, politically dead
  4. Nancy Pelosi, very busy

     Three others were on the list at first.  Thank goodness Bu$hCo had such firm opposition from Democrats when he lied America into a war, eh?

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