Thursday, January 06, 2005

A great, sad day

     I don't think anyone is actually excited about Barbara Boxer's stand, although I respect her for it.  Did it seem to anyone else that she hinted that Kerry had asked her to do it, while Gore, in 2000, had asked the Senators to avoid doing it?  In any event, even if Ohio is contested, as in 2000, the Presidential election would get thrown to the US House of Representatives, where Bush would win.  Between the Gonzales hearings, and expected confirmation (what???), to the short debate and eventual confirmation of Bush as C-in-C for another four years, it's can't be counted as a good day.

     Then again, when was the last good day?

     A short note on Alberto.  John Ashcroft had been elected Governor of Missouri, and Senator from Missouri, without any help from George Walker B.  Alberto, however, has no real career without the current POTUS.  Alberto can be counted on to protect the White House, no matter what.  This loyalty might make him the "ideal" (from the point of the Executive) Solicitor General, but as Attorney General, Alberto is going to be expected to take the side of the people against the US government.  This task he is uniquely unsuited to do.

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