Sunday, September 04, 2005

Horse's Ass Covers MD Brown, and Tidbits
  •      David Goldstein (not the one I know, is it, Simon's Rock?) runs a website called Horse's Ass.  It's got a lot of the details of the patheticness in the shape of a person known as the current head of FEMA, MD Brown (second headline).

  •      By the way, Colin Powell announced his resignation on 2004-11-15, and Michael Powell announced his 2005-01-21.  Although the father waited until after the election, I have a strong suspcion the son's decision wasn't entirely his own.  I wonder if Rehnquist's daughter will keep her job as the Inspector General of Health and Human Services?  Nice article on nepotism.

  •      In case there was any doubt, and I think there are some people still don't know, Christopher Hitchens is a second rate hack.  Read this, from Foreign Policy (does anyone know what's up with this outfit? Second time on my negative-radar in as many months).

    Richard Boucher, the State Department’s chief spokesman. He took me deftly over and around the various hurdles involved in any Colin Powell retrospect, and demonstrated the diplomatic adroitness that has endeared him to so many correspondents, and seemed almost to smooth away much of the jaggedness.

         Endearing government spokespeople?  Boucher is the guy they don't tell the nasty stuff, so he can say with a straight face "We are doing nothing improper."  Boucher's an ass, and Hitch is kissing it.

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