Thursday, September 08, 2005

If you read

     Atrios or Josh Marshall, you probably don't read this blog.  But just in case, or, since you likely know those two blogs, check out Bob Somerby ripping them a new one over at the incomprable Daily Howler.

     UPDATE: And check out the previous day's post for some good stuff on comparing Clinton and GHW and GW Bush responses to disasters.  I do believe there is a racist faction in the GOP, but, far more importantly, the GOP knows city slickers don't vote for them.  Just something to keep in mind as the difference in disaster response is noted.

     I remember, painfully, being in NYC on September 11th, watching the fighter jets fly overhead.  It was especially disturbing when one did a tight turn over Central Park.  Was it necessary?  I don't know, but I thought it meant things were starting all over again.

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