Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A simple minded cheer for simplemindedness and Tyranny

     Bill Whittle, who pre-emptively banned me from his site, and deigned to leave an insult here just a couple of days ago, is now a bit of a buzz in the Bush supporting blogoshere.  His long-winded, simple-minded rant can be found here, at his blog called Eject!  The gist of his two main arguments are that people are pink or gray (he's enthusiastically anti-racist, for which he deserves credit), and that pinks are basically sensualists, while grays are hard-headed engineers and cops.  He then heaps praise on grays, and has only scorn for pinks.  Binary systems of thought ("with us or against us") are a step down from even one dimensional thought (which allows for ultra-liberals and moderate conservatives to exist on a continuum, which many "shades of pink-gray"), and a far cry from reality.  Whittle avoids even mentioning the possibility that Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein were some of the premiere examples of grays.

     Then Bill Spittle quotes a Vietnam era veteran, and approvingly says Americans are all sheep, but military guys are sheepdogs, and we have to watch out for wolves.  Who thinks the people are sheep and need sheepdogs?  People who hate the Republican form of government, and want to impose their system upon us.  In James Madison's 1792, "Who are the Best Keepers of the People's Liberties?", he provides two characters, who each provide their own answers...

Republican: The people themselves. The sacred trust can be no where so safe as in the hands most interested in preserving it.

Anti-Republican: The people are stupid, suspicious, licentious. They cannot safely trust themselves. When they have established government they should think of nothing but obedience, leaving the care of their liberties to their wise rulers.

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