Saturday, September 17, 2005

Interview Hunt! America's Poorest Libertarian

     Who is America's poorest libertarian?  Remain Calm Trans-Galactic Headquarters wants to know.

     We're planning on doing an in-depth interview series on this most fascinating individual.

     The right wing's girdle is on too tight for the last couple days.  We all know the right never told any jokes at President WJ Clinton's expense, so there was no justification for anyone yukking it up just because President GW Bush "think[s]" he "may" need to go potty, and wonders if it is "possible[.]"

     NOTICE: This image has been rotated and the contrast has been changed so you can read the note.  It wasn't faked in the first place.  I think some people resent GW Bush, and are using petty techniques to get back at him, because that's all we, I mean, they have.

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