Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pre-Emptive Nukes, Lying, and a Song
  • As part of the defense contractor pleasing "let's look insane" strategy that many asshats think won the Cold War, the Pentagon is working on plans to pre-emptively nuke terrorists.  I suspect this is part of the anti-Iran, anti-Syria strategy (unless you think we'd nuke Florida for its terrorists).
  • Media Matters has a discussion of David Brooks admission that the Bush administration had planned to lie in our faces from "day one" in order to avoid admitting any mistakes.  Hence the sense many of us had that they pretended to infallibility.

  • Jesus is goingt'make the budget come out alright
    Jesus is goingt'make Iraq airtight
    Jesus is goingt'make it all good
    So get off Bush's backyou damn Democrats

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