Sunday, September 25, 2005

Marketing/PR For Republicans, Inside Scoop!

     Yesterday, Marvin Olasky, college-Communist now Born-Again-Christian and Republican, author of "Compassionate Conservatism"(2000, Foreword by GW Bush) posted an article on his blog, linking to the sad Jonah Goldberg, who was attacking Compassionate Conservatism.

     I felt bad for Mr Olasky, who I see as somewhat hapless.  I told him he ought defend himself, in the comments.

     But now all is clear.  Senator Santorum, who recently graced the cover Olasky's "World" magazine, wrote an article that says the new title should be Social Justice Conservatism.

     Now, for those of you who actually puked on your keyboards, I'd like to apologize, but I just write the news, I don't make this shit up.

     I commented, on the Olasky blog, that I understood the strategy.  Day One, say that CC is dead.  Day Two, declare the new birth of SJC, pushed by the veritable poster-boy for dumb-religious-rightiness.

     I also told Mr Olasky I'd be making people aware.  Obviously, social justice means MASSIVE tax cuts for the rich.  Obviously, social justice means WAR WITHOUT END, elective wars, wars of choice.  These people are evil.

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