Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Silly Good News about the JG Roberts appointment

     A Scalia is fuming, and will fume for the rest of his life.  With SD O'Connor and WJ Rehnquist gone, he'll be the most senior conservative on the Court.  He got signals from GW Bush that he was, in fact, Bush's favorite justice.  He could taste the top slot, and it has likely been barred from him for life, because JG Roberts is so much younger.

     In truth, SG Breyer should have the job, as he is the brightest, and I imagine the most impartial.  Strangely, the court has a 4-3 leftist majority right now, should it hear any cases.

     UPDATE: I had forogtten that SD O'Connor isn't going to retire until she has a replacement.  In effect, therefore, making JG Roberts Rehnquist's replacement, instead of hers, delays her retirement, so it is a 4-4 bench.

     By the way, the Voteview ratings for the Bench are on a relative scale. JP Stevens is a +4, SG Breyer, D Souter, RB Ginsburg are +3, SD O'Connor and A Kennedy are -1, and A Scalia, C Thomas and WJ Rehnquist are/were -3.  So, although it is a court with a numerical conservative majority, if you calculate that the three +3s and the three -3s are a wash, then it is one +4 vs two -1s.

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