Wednesday, September 14, 2005

JG Roberts Hearings

     Senator Coburn is speaking?  He's a nut job.  He says he a built in lie detector test, his physician's skill of watching "body language."  I've always felt that Senator Coburn was one of the loonier Senators.  With such a great built-in lie detector (I'll need the transcript, but he asserts that JG Roberts didn't lie) he should be in an intelligence agency or routinely used around the country as a replacement for the beatable electronic lie detectors.  I betcha Senator Coburn can tell a lot about a guy with long hair, or a woman with short hair, too (both violations of the the Bible, but only if you include the forged Titus and II Timothy.

     Do you know anti-misogynist Christians?  Get them to learn about the likelihood (high!) that Titus and I and II Timothy (currently listed as Epistles of Paul) are forgeries.  These letters are (among?) the most misogynist, and they were probably not written by Paul.

     It doesn't make the Bible gender-neutral (not that I believe in pure gender neutrality) but it helps by removing some of the worst New Testament misogyny.

     Here is a website going all over trying to prove they _aren't_ forgeries.  From New Advent.  One of the main strikes I've seen had to do with word usage in all.  Doing it mathematically seemed to show that the authors was not Paul.  I don't know where that is online, but here is one overall discussion on the authorship of the epistles which covers both liberal and conservative positions.

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