Saturday, December 31, 2005


     I'd been a little defensive for Alito before, mostly because I saw criticism of two of his dissents to be overblown.  In the case of Doe V Groody, the one where a 10 year old girl was strip searched (by a female cop, of course) was not about that, but about warrant requirements. Remember, the order that said "search everyone" was stapled to the warrant, and signed by the same Judge.  Try to put yourself in the boots of a cop.  What would you do?

     However, I definitely am against voting for Alito, and I think a very good summary of his religious loony position can be found here

     Remember, an Originalist would look to early America and notice that the mail was delivered on Sunday, no matter how many thousand times the Christians complained that it hampered their ability to be pious and postmasters.  Contrariwise, the article informs us

And writing that employees should not face the "cruel choice between religion and employment," Alito found in favor of an Orthodox Jewish professor who claimed discrimination because her superiors would not accommodate her Sabbath observance.

     Piss poor "originalist" that is.  Much more of a religious nutjob.

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