Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Warmonger Report

     Israeli peices of crap who pose as humans have been busy.  There are some fine Israelis.  I wish them luck.

     In an attempt to shred the road map, again the Israelis have begun the process of increasing the number of settler housing units in the West Bank, by over 220 this time.  The bullshit-propaganda-from-the-getgo "road map to hide the fact Bush has no sane policy in the Middle East" says no new housing in the settlements.  Ariel Sharon says "fuck that."  Bush is usually quiet about such things, and, in any event, the billions of dollars in US civilian and military aid continue unabated.  Meanwhile, Palestine has some of the poorest, most overcrowded people on Earth.  American self-respect demands we send more attack helicopters to Israel.

     The Israeli Air Force has been flying over and bombing "independent" Gaza since its inception.  Today they launched five raids, and hit no people and a few buildings.  This is in response to rocket attacks which hit no people and damaged nothing.  That's what we call a proportionate response, right?  In similarly insane news, the Israelis will flower Gaza with leaflets which will warn the Palestinian police about upcoming rocket attacks (how nice, but wouldn't installing phone lines and remembering the numbers be cheaper?) and putting full blame for any dead Palestinians on the police (for not evacuating everyone whenever Israel says so).

     In more deadly news, for the long term, the scum-Murdoch Jerusalem Post is leading with a story that the IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz says Iran may have a nuclear bomb by 2008, a far cry from the US estimate of 2015.  Halutz says it might be as long as 2015, but why take chances?  The Israeli security establishment wants to pre-emptively bomb Iran's nuclear bomb facilities (which worked perfectly at Iraq Osirik, don't you think?)  Honestly, when I think of Begin and Sadat I think of peace deals.  Here is a report from the Begin-Sadat center describing how Iran must be bombed right away.  It's filled with crap-headed analysis including this quote "the Chief of the IDF Intelligence Department, Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi (Farkash) warned that March 2006 constitutes the 'point of no return'; i.e., after that date, any diplomatic efforts to curtail the Iranian nuclear program will be pointless."

     Would anyone on Earth like to make a bet that, on its current course, Israel is going to come through this OK?  Anyone?

     Remember, the Christian Zionists aren't protecting Israel, they are using it.  And I told many Israelis about that when I was there.  Not enough, and no one important, I admit.  When the rapture comes the Jews will convert or die, right Bush?

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