Thursday, December 08, 2005

If Your Will Has Been Shaken, the Weather Will Win

     Reuters begins an article "Short-term targets and tight timetables are no solution to fighting climate change, Australia's environment minister said on Thursday" and did not follow it up by suggesting the climate would be encouraged by any effort to stop messing with it.

     What few Americans realize is that Australia is Fox News.  Rupert Murdoch is an Australian who exerts far more power there than he does in America (granting that America exerts more power, overall).  I believe that Bob "the Silver Bodgie" Hawke (as exquisitely (and painfully) described John Pilger in his book "A Secret Country") was actually the first example of "third way" politics practiced by Clinton and Blair (Murdoch runs "Sky News" in the UK).  Hawke had been the head of the Australian Trades Union Council and was later Prime Minister.  Murdoch was driven insane by Edward Gough Whitlam, a man who can easily be described as one who brought progress to the entire world; he was ahead of the curve of the world.  Whitlam was also the only Prime Minister sacked by the Monarch of England's representative (the Governor-General) in Australia.  Monarchy is so passé.

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