Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Straighter Dope

     A host of news services, from Bloomberg to the CBC, the AP, to the Ireland and a Chinese news service are reporting that, basically, Bush has accepted responsibility for bringing the nation to war on faulty intelligence.

     Here is what the President also said that pathetic journalists like Nedra Pickler seem to have missed...

At any point along the way Saddam Hussein could have avoided war by complying with the just demands on the international community.  The United States did not choose war, the choice was Saddam Hussein's.

     In other words, he blamed the war on Saddam Hussein, which is the opposite of taking responsibility for bringing the nation to war.  Only one story is convenient. 

     As an aside, did "taking responsibility" strike anyone else as a completely meaningless gesture, like when he "took responsibility" for Katrina?  Does it mean he'll pay to fix things?  Does it mean he'll do time for tens of thousands of cases of negligent homicide?  What does it mean?  Bush is devaluing the very concept of responsibility.

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