Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Waron Jesus

     I already have this post which discusses how mail service occured on Sundays in early America.  This is from a thought provoking 1961(?) speech by Kurt Gödel, which will appeal to anyone who is interested in math and philosophy and reads my blog and who has spare time.  It does, however, have a great quote:

I believe that the most fruitful principle for gaining an overall view of the possible world-views will be to divide them up according to the degree and the manner of their affinity to or, respectively, turning away from metaphysics (or religion). In this way we immediately obtain a division into two groups: scepticism, materialism and positivism stand on one side, spiritualism, idealism and theology on the other.

     The war on Christmas meme is a tactic.  It is, luckily, an appeal to the base.  It will not move moderates, and _will_ alienate people.  I might be letting the cat out of the bag here.

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