Thursday, December 08, 2005

Krepinevich, Again

     This guy has a PhD, but you can bet your bum it isn't in military history.  He taught at one of the "War Colleges" but you can bet your bum he wasn't popular.

     What does he say, in front of a bunch of people?  That the process of rotating Generals out of the field was bad policy.  He said FDR wouldn't have pulled Patton from Europe.  He said Lincoln wouldn't have pulled Grant from the field.  What this unobservant "nerd" neglects to note is that those generals were succesful at accomplishing war aims.  There is no monumental success in Iraq that would protect any General.

     In fact during WWI and WWII, during the Civil War and the War of American Independence, failing Generals were simply fired.

     Krepinevich doesn't even know what democracy is, and he appears with Senator Lieberman at this event, war-hawking.

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