Thursday, December 29, 2005

Isreal's Buffer Zone Inside Gaza

     The logic of the act is that if there are no people in this border, or "buffer", zone, then there won't be anymore Qassem (homemade) rockets fired into Israel.  What's important here?  The entire buffer is on the Palestinian side.  Israel has declared that the Palestinians are 100% at fault.  Not one yard of Israel is suitable for protecting Israel, only Palestinian land.  One of the most densest populated and poorest places on Earth.

     Sorry for being myopic.  The real issue is Russia.  Americans dropped the ball after the fall of the wall.  Even Milton Friedman has admitted, in not these precise words, that building a Republic was our top priority, not selling off the Russian state for scrap.  In fact, the exact same argument can be used in Iraq.  JP Bremer expended effort in the first year not to educate Iraqis about elections and democracy, that rat bastard killer scumbag, but he spent a lot of effort setting up the wholesale selloff of all of Iraqi's assets.  There are decent Republicans, but none of them are in positions of power.

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