Thursday, December 29, 2005


     What is most important to you?  If the answer is foreign policy, there is a chance you should vote Republican in the 2006 _House_ elections.

     Jim Leach of Iowa is a liberal Republican (well, even the most liberal Republicans are now centrists, and not really liberal) will take over the House International Relations Committee as Henry Hyde has announced his retirement

     The top three Democrats on the House Int'l Relations Cmte, Lantos and Berman of Califoria, and Ackerman of New York, all voted with the Republicans, and against the majority of House Democrats, for the war, back when invading Iraq was the most important decision most lawmakers in the modern Congress have ever made.

     Meanwhile, bucking his party, Jim Leach voted against the war, joining only five other Republicans in Congress.  Jim Leach voted against the rule which prevented amendment of the bogus Hunter amendment which made a mockery of Rep Murtha's remarks.

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