Thursday, December 29, 2005

American Conservatives

     This event, aired on C-SPAN yesterday and titled "American Foreign Policy and the Modern Conservative Movement" seemed like a duel between intelligent traditional conservatives and one moron neo-con, Frank Gaffney, Jr..

     This quote was _not_ made by Iranian President Ahmadenijad.  Someone had asked (Mead? Kurth? Kersch?) about his peace plan for the Middle East, he replied (close paraphrase)"I'd build a time machine, go back to Bavaria in 1945, and declare it the Jewish national home."

     This aired November 3rd, and it was only one month later that the world got so pissed off about Ahmadinejad's similar comment (and also at the Holocaust=myth comments).

     Conservatives and Democrats (i.e. neither neo-cons nor Bush cheerleaders) would be well served to watch this program if it re-airs.  It's not filled with an excess of positive thinking, but it is useful to watch Gaffney get so thoroughly stomped.

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