Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lieberman and the Democrats

     I think it is fair to start by giving credit to Lieberman for doing a lot better in the 2004 Democrat primary than I remember him getting credit for.  He certainly did far better in the polls than Senator Edwards, for example, or even Senator Kerry.  His appeal, it should be noted, was limited to the Northeast, while only Dean and Clark won polls all around the country.

     And although Lieberman might be fairly be considered a centrist Democrat, Poole and Rosenthal have him just three spots to the right of "liberal" hero Barack Obama. 

     That said, Lieberman has recently been getting some press for his pro-war, pro-Bush comments concerning Iraq.  I listened to these comments.  He could not handle a debate on the subject.  His factual grasp of the situation, and/or historical parallels, seemed non-existent.  The press corps doesn't seem to be making an issue of the facts, not with Bush, with Lieberman, or with any of the war supporters.  The following image was what I saw when I followed a link to this story from the San Jose Mercury News.

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