Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2006 State of the Union Speech Wrap-up

     I was probably most offended by the part where Bush declared that only the Generals would (implying could) withdraw US troops from Iraq.  He should read the damn Constitution someday.  Why does he think he keeps having to go to Congress for emergency appropriation bills for the war?  WarKing.  It's hard WarK.

     Well, for any Democrat, the finest moment must have been when Bush announced that Congress hadn't passed his Social Security semi-privatization plan in 2005.  The Dems stood up and clapped the way, just as they might have for any of Bush's platitudes. 

     The Stinkerman award goes to Senator Joe from Connecticut.  I expect the Republicans to stand up and clap when the President talks about stopping individuals from using the courts (in this case, malpractice suits) but Joe (and whoever was sitting to his left) got up and clapped with them.

     Abortion?  According to Bush (and this is a tangent) he won't tell you how many al-Qaeda leaders there were, or how many we've killed/captured, but we've got "most" of them.  It's all about trust, baby!  Anywho, Bush claimed that the abortion and teen pregnancy rates were at lows.  Bush has been suppressing these statistics since 2001.  The CDC had been reporting them for decades before that, since at least 1973.  This woman hater who wants to stop legal abortion suppresses the numbers, then takes credit for them being good.  Trust him. 

     I saw a bit of the CNN pre-show, and the MSNBC(?) aftershow.  Horried.  These people are terrors.  They are destroying America every bit as much as Bush and his lies.  CNN was talking about how Cheney and Hastert looked good together.  The post show included comments about how "fluid" Bush seemed on his domestic agenda.

     I didn't catch Kaine.  Any recommendations of an article which covered it well?

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