Monday, January 09, 2006


     The Senator from Wisconsin was in town this weekend, and I caught it.  The room had 120-160 people in it, and they fit in nicely.  Coffee and many deserts were available.  I had a lot of coffee and stuck to one great tasting pile of little brownie squares.  I was greeted by a half-dozen or more of the local politically active, and after the evening was over, my most senior State House Rep (5th term) came up and chatted with me.  I found out that one of the other House Reps was a Dean supporter and met at least one other Dem whom I'll be seeing at meetings.

     Two people who want to replace our US House Representative (Charlie Bass, 15K from Abramoff, moderate) opened up.  Seeing them only made me want to run against them both.  One of the guys ran last time and was stomped so badly (he got in the 30s) that there is no chance we should let him run again.  The other guy seemed a lot like "Republican-lite" which meant, in his particular case, that business solutions were good for government, too (i.e. he favored private health accounts).  Neither had a message on Iraq that I could get behind, and that is just pathetic.  I'm not sure any older people can really understand.  The Puerto Ricans were terrorizing (bombing civilians in mainland America) for at least 70 years after we took their homeland (and still provide it no vote for President or representation in the Senate, only a vote in committees in the House (and only 1 Rep for that, for their 2+ million people)).  Take a guess.  How long will _some_ Iraqis be pissed at how malignantly, how despicably, how atrociously this idiot George Walker Bush has managed their country?  You can be sure this will be going for the next six decades I am alive, the rest of my days, thanks to Born-Again Bush and his idiot's ways.

     I don't think Feingold has much of a chance becoming President (since when did "being right" count for much there?) but it was nice that he came out and helped the regional Democrats do a fund-raiser, as all the money went to us.

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