Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Haiti Update

     Feb 24th, 2004, almost two years ago, the Bush administration decided to give a big middle finger to democracy in Haiti and install drug dealers, thugs, and messianic preachers.

     Haiti-Progres is certainly one of the best sites on this topic, as far as I know, and the article linked to includes details about how the National Endowment for Ending Democracy gave almost $100,000 to a group to undermine the then-elected government of Haiti.

     Elections?  Are you kidding?  The BBC reported back in February 05 that election would happen in November and December (multiple rounds) of last year.  No, hasn't happened.  Supposedly, it will happen soon. has an article about the shamminess of the elections.  Looks like Group 184 was planning to try the old electronic voting machine trick, but the kibosh is currently on that plan (as if they had enough electricity in most regions (port-au-prince gets about 12 hours/day).  A couple days ago the government announced the election will take place next month.  Haiti Policy is a site for all your anti-democracy, pro-America propaganda needs. 

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