Friday, January 06, 2006

Language Terrorism, Bush

     Bush puts forward mutant version of proposal directly related to my language and terrorism theory which I discussed in my Victory06 interview.

     What are some stupid parts about it? 

  1. The languages mentioned (Arabic, Chinese and Farsi(Iran)) are obviously based on national security concerns.  But we know that things always change.  The languages needed last decade (e.g. Russian) might not be the ones needed a decade from now.  If, instead, they divide it by actual _use_ overseas, we will always be prepared.
  2. Bush says "When somebody takes time to figure out how to speak Arabic, it means they're interested in somebody else's culture." which isn't the reason people in the Nat'l Security establishment learn languages, and starting a program with a weak lie is lame.  We aren't doing this because we care.

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