Sunday, January 22, 2006

An Amusing Event?

     This article, from the Toronto Star, Hamas is a green tide rising by Mitch Potter is very amusing.  The premise of the article, which seems plausible, is that Hamas is set to win the upcoming elections in Palestine.  They've never won before.  In fact, quoting an Israeli political scientist, the article says

Running for the first time, Hamas did not even ponder such an outcome. They wanted to do well, but not this well.

Their idea was to sit in opposition, where Hamas can play the role of God-given saints that do no wrong. But the momentum is now carrying them beyond...

     The article also suggests that, like the religious right Taleban, or the religious right in Iran, that Hamas is a right wing party.  It hadn't occured to me, either way. 

"The world has the wrong image of Hamas," says Aqtash, acknowledging that many Westerners equate the group's name with indiscriminate attacks against Israeli civilians. Aqtash takes pains to stress a mantra most Hamas candidates have embraced on the campaign trail: We don't hate the Jewish religion; we hate the occupation.
"Power mellows, so I actually prefer Hamas takes over, because then at least Israel will be dealing with the true Palestinians" --Uri Dromi, Israel Democracy Institute

     Naturally, of course, the Bush administration doesn't even want Hamas to participate.  Religious Right parties tend to not play well together, eh?

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